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The worst enemy for a vehicle is poor fuel quality. Today fuel regulations apply strict rules to keep the fuel as clean as possible. But when fuel is transported to the final customer, fuel accumulates many impurities that your engine is not meant to burn, lowering combustion, increasing fuel consumption and maintenance costs. 
Our device PFT +Pure treats fuel to remove all the impurities that your engine doesn’t want, improving fuel efficiency, lowering maintenance costs, and reducing harmful emissions.

+Pure reduces unwanted particles in large quantities:  Water, Ash, Carbon Residue and Particulate Content in fuel (Gas, Diesel, and Biodiesel).


  • Reduces fuel consumption by 10% on average.

  • Lessens Maintenance costs by reducing the buildup of impurities in fuel filters and particulate filters. 

  • Reduces ash build up at the injectors.

  • Gain of power and torque thanks to a cleaner combustion of the fuel in the engine.

  • Lasts for 2.5 years with Unlimited mileage/hours.

  • Very fast ROI after installation thanks to the multiple benefits of using the cleanest fuel possible.

About us

About us

Pure Fuel Technologies is an American company based in Tampa, Florida. The Company’s management team is composed of leaders from the Tampa Bay area who bring many years of industry and business experience to the Company.

The vision of Pure Fuel Technologies is to help companies reduce their carbon footprint and fossil fuel use through groundbreaking technology, allowing them to contribute to a cleaner environment.
Pure Fuel Technologies provides revolutionary technology to fossil fuel consumers, decreasing carbon emissions and fuel consumption, saving operational money, and helping the environment.

The PFT Device

PFT +PURE ®  is a device especially designed and tested to produce a more efficient combustion of fuel which:

  • Reduces harmful emissions (CO, CO2, and NOx) by 50% on average.

  • Improves fuel efficiency by reducing consumption by 10% on average.      

  • PFT ®  is composed entirely of minerals.

How does it work?

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The +Pure device from Pure Fuel Technologies removes impurities from fuel before it enters the engine. It returns fuel to refinery quality and ensures better engine combustion, lowers fuel consumption, reduces emissions, and slashes maintenance costs.

How does this work? As fuel leaves the tank, it passes through the device and interacts with a purifying mix of natural minerals into the fuel. These minerals bond with the fuel naturally and remove major contaminants such as ash, carbon, water, and particulate matter. The pure fuel enters your engine and immediate results are seen. As fuel burns better, the engine consumes less, releases less bad emissions and gives your injectors, filters, components, and the entire engine a longer lease on life.

The device continues to work for 2.5 years so you can rest easy that you are using the most pure and pristine fuel you can get. The device and the minerals continue to work over this period, regardless of the type of fuel, quality of fuel, size of the engine, quantity of fuel used, or type of equipment or vehicle. It treats ALL FUEL under ALL CONDITIONS.

The device is NOT an additive, so it doesn’t require re-treatment until the 2.5 years is up. It is also not a device that interacts in any way with the electrical control system of your vehicle.


Once the product is installed on any Gasoline or Diesel engine, we:      

  •  Reduce harmful emissions (CO, CO2, and NOx) by 30% average.      

  • Improve fuel efficiency by reducing consumption by 10% average.  

  • Increase the yield and useful life of any engine running on gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, or bioethanol.

How does it work

The PFT +Pure Device

Physical Analysis results on fuel treated with +Pure

  • Increase of the BTU in fuel; higher quality combustion.

  • Decreased percentage of water in the fuel; higher yield and less corrosion.

  • Decreased content of fuel ashes; it extends proper conditions of injectors, filters and pump reducing ash accumulation in them.


  • Decreased carbon residue; cleaner engine.


  • Decreased particulate content; cleaner fuel, less pollutants.


  • Increase of the Lubricity, prolonging the good condition and durability of the pump.

Device Installation

The device is manufactured using injected molded plastic, with a laminate filling containing the special natural minerals.  It is never in contact with any part of the equipment, except for the fuel.  It is a simple cylinder that is supplied installed on a standard hose that matches exactly the heavy equipment or vehicle model it will be installed on. 

  • Available in four different hose connection diameters: 6mm (3/16”) - 8mm (5/8”) - 10 mm (3/8”) - 12 mm (1/2”).   

  • For every 4 liters of engine size one device should be installed.      

  • For engines in between 4 and 8 liters two devices, and so on for bigger engines.        

  • The device has a life span of 2.5 years.

Device Installation




Device Installation

  • Recommended also for big consumption engines or for those on continuous use.

  • Particularly suitable for mobile heavy equipment applications.

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  • Especially designed for use in stationary equipment.

  • Simply drop-In the fuel tank for easy installation.

  • Sits one foot from tank bottom, ensuring no sludge interference.

  • Same device technology yields the same purifying results.

  • Identical life span.

Testing and certification

Testing and Certifications

The PFT ® Device is subject to a series of professional tests verifying the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions performed by the following leading examination entities:

Captura de Pantalla 2022-06-01 a la(s) 4.55.34 p. m..png
Captura de Pantalla 2022-06-01 a la(s) 4.54.17 p. m..png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-01-23 a la(s) 2.44.17 p. m..png


Captura de Pantalla 2022-06-01 a la(s) 4.55.34 p. m..png
Captura de Pantalla 2022-06-01 a la(s) 5.26.04 p. m..png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-01-23 a la(s) 2.44.17 p. m..png

The world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. Recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. 96,000 employees operate a network of 2,600 offices and laboratories, working together to enable a better, safer and more interconnected world.

The University of Central Florida College of Engineering and Computer Science is an academic college of the University of Central Florida located in Orlando, Florida, United States.

The Emissions and Fuels research team at CE-CERT, including national and international research leaders, is applying advanced technologies and methods to the measurement of emissions from all types of engines, including cars and light-duty trucks, heavy-duty freight trucks and construction equipment, and the large engines that power marine vessels. CE-CERT has considerable experience with successfully completing complex projects that involve elements of laboratory testing, field work, activity measurements, and PEMS evaluations and implementations.

Real testimonial example

Customers Using PFT +Pure Device

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Reasons to install PFT

Reasons to install PFT®


  • Average consumption reduction of 10%  


  • Increase of the engine life span and wear reduction of clutch and gearbox.


  • It improves cold engine start and increases the durability of ignition and exhaust systems.


  • It improves the engine torque and elasticity.

  • Extends the life in good condition of the engine oil.

  • Reduces power loss when the air conditioning system is operating.


  •      Average emissions reduction of 30% 

          - Hydrocarbons CH4

          - Carbon Monoxide CO

          - Carbon Dioxide CO2

          - Nitrogen Oxides Nox      

  • Reduction the direct global warming effects.

  • Considerable reduction of Particles and the Volatile Organic compounds emissions on  Diesel engines.    

  • The manufacturing process allows local production helping thus the development of the local economies.



1.  How do I know that this product really works like you say it does?
PFT is a patented technology that has been tested and certified by numerous top tier testing organizations.

2.  Does it affect the engine itself, or will it cause harm to the electronics or any mechanical part of the engine?
No, it doesn't. The PFT device is only in contact with the fuel. It’s never connected to any electronic part of the vehicle. It just treats the fuel.

3.  Do you have any external Certifications or testing completed on this product?

We have several certifications and studies from universities in the United States and top Labs in the US and Europe.  Please see these links for the reports: Testing and Certification

4.  It looks like a filter.  Is that what this is?
It is not. It is a hollow device with a membrane in the inside composed only of natural minerals that when in contact with fuel, it purifies  it by reducing the Water Content, Ash Content, Carbon Residue and Particulate content.

5.  How is it installed? Is it easy to install?

Its installed on the fuel line from the main fuel tank to the filter.

For stationary equipment, we have a special device that is installed inside of the fuel tank 1 foot above the bottom of the tank. Please see more for device installation on the main page.

6.  Will this product VOID my equipment guarantee? 

Presently, we recommend that the device is installed in equipment that is out of guarantee. We are working with equipment manufacturers to be able to install the product on under guarantee equipment shortly.

7.  How many do I need for my heavy equipment and fleet truck?  
For the fuel line device 1 device is installed for every 4 liters of engine. 
For the stationary equipment, 1 device is installed for every every 150 gallons. 


8.  How much fuel will I save by using your device?
This will depend on the type of equipment. the average fuel savings will be 10%. We see cases where the fuel savings are up to 20% and other cases where the fuel savings are 7%. This depends on the shape of the engine and vehicle.     


9.  Can I speak with someone who has used it?

Yes, we are happy to facilitate a conversation between you and a representative of any of our current customers.      

10.  How much does it cost and where do I purchase it?
Please contact us for quote on the product. Our sales team will assist you on anything you need.

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